John Howie Steak

Hello Friends! A couple of weeks ago, the Hubs and I went out to John Howie Steak, this is our favorite steakhouse in Seattle/Bellevue. We’ve visited a lot of steakhouses but this is always our go to for special occasions and whenever we are craving steak. Although this is one pricey restaurant, the Hubs and I always love the service (superb!) and the steaks are always cooked perfectly to our liking (melt in your mouth goodness!). We’ve been to their happy hour also and that didn’t disappoint! The Hubs and I are already looking forward to our next visit:)

Filet Mignon Oscar style!

Brussels sprouts! so good..I can have this every week!
Australian Rib eye Steak!
Lobster Bisque!
Lobster Bisque, fresh Maine lobster, caviar cream, chives!
Honeycrisp Apple with Preserved Apricot Vinaigrette! (organic baby greens, arugula and watercress, purple onions, dried cranberries, candied black pepper pecans, shaved Beecher’s famous reserve cheddar ) such a lovely salad!

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Tartare (roasted garlic, cornichon, sweet onion, capers, quail egg, Guinness mustard, herb aioli, mesquite grilled crostini)
Foie Gras (with egg, pork belly, and pancake)

The Boo boo was in good hands! Thanks to my In Laws for babysitting Mia!

Food pics before anything! HA!

Weekend Fun!

Hello friends! I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend with your loved ones. We did some errands and had a Filipino dinner with our friends Faye and Roger (and their kids!). I’ve been friends with Faye for 7 years now and she’s also a Filipina like me. She used to live and work in the same city where I grew up, but we only met each other here in Washington state! What a small world! Although we don’t get to see each other often, she’s one of the most authentic people I know! Thanks, Madame Faye and Roger for the sumptuous Filipino dinner!

I convinced the Hubs to try the new Macchiato flavors from Starbucks and we didn’t like them! Both were a disappointment (I’m talking about the cinnamon macchiato and coconut almond milk something..YUCK!)
Cabeza tacos from our fave food truck!
Miss Mia excited to see Auntie Faye!
Roast Pork Belly/Lechon Belly

happy to see my dear friend Faye!
Typical weekend scene:coffee,baby,dog,reading!
thanks for stopping friends!

Mia Boo!

Hello Friends! I had a little issue with my computer thus I wasn’t able to post here lately. Anyways, this month Mia turned 5 months old and we usually invite our In laws for dinner, hang-out and celebrate our little miracle! She is one precious baby. We love you Mia James!

She’s holding a little pic of her sonogram!

Thank You Uncle Rob for this dress! (Zach’s Uncle)
  1. We had salmon and crab cakes for dinner!
These roast vegetables were yummy!