Hello Summer!

Hello Friends! It’s officially the 1st day of summer here in the U.S! It’s actually gloomy here in Pacific Northwest today. We’ve been having summer like weather these last couple of days and I’m kinda glad to have a break right now. We are having so much fun in our community pool.  We got a 3 months pass so hopefully we will really take advantage of that! HA! So far we’ve been to the pool twice now and Mia really loves being in the water. The hubs got her a kiddie pool also that she’s been using everyday since we got it. Our yard is crazy right now, we don’t have a lot of space so it’s tight with our patio table plus Mia’s kiddie pool.

We’ve been going to the park too, and visited a newly opened burger place in our neighborhood twice in a week! When it’s really hot in the kitchen, I tend to get lazy and convince the Hubs to just eat out! It’s in the budget so no guilt at all. 🙂

Park time with Boo
Our fave summer fruit! Juicy and sweet!
Habit Burger Grill!

Pool Time with Daddy!
Chipotle after swimming!
Community Pool
Daddy setting up the kiddie pool!

Pool time again with Daddy!
Best friends!
Lots of nap time coz SUMMER!

Have a great summer friends! Blessing to you and your family:)


Father’s Day weekend!

Hello Friends! I hope you were all able to celebrate Father’s day with the Daddies in your life! We had our family here for a nice dinner to celebrate my hubs and DIL! Good, decent, loving fathers are so worth celebrating everyday. I thank God for blessing Mia with a loving and hands on Daddy. My father is not here with us anymore, but I always think of him often! We surely missed him and wish he was able to see Mia.

For our dinner, we got some Rib-eye steaks at whole foods and some charcuterie. My hubs likes meat and cheese so much and it’s been a while since we had it.  That’s why we decided to shop at Whole foods (we like their prosciutto) everybody enjoyed the charcuterie! Good job Ga (he selected all of the meat and cheese)! We also got some crabs at the asian market, and roasted some veggies, corn.  We had some blue cheese sauce for the steaks, and Hubs made watermelon juice for everybody! Perfect for summertime:)

Making sure we got everything on our list!

Hubs, Riley, and Dad In Law!
Happy Father’s day Ga! Thank you for everything you do for our family! We sure do love you:)

Weekend Fun!

Hello Friends! Happy weekend:) It’s been a rainy day today, after Church we just lounged and napped most of the afternoon. We just had sushi for our dinner.  It’s so nice when you have a decent sushi restaurant in your neighborhood! We went to the farmers market yesterday and got the freshest strawberries, so different from what we normally get from the grocery stores. I just love the fruits from the farmers market. One of my fave things to do during the summer season!

Daddy and Mia at the Park!
Friday night dinner! Chicken wings at the Wing stop! We love this place…
Fresh cherries from the farmers market! They’re so sweet!

she loved the cherries!
she will not let go of this cherry bag!so funny
Hobby Lobby fun!

Lunch at Habit Grill, they recently opened at our neighborhood! The charburger was really good!
Grandpa and Grandma had a quick visit and we watched Justify win the triple crown!
Congrats Justify
I’ve cleaned and chopped all of the strawberries! YUM!
Sushi for Sunday night dinner!

Have a good Sunday evening and a great week, friends! Off to bed now:)