Weekend Fun – When Daddy is Away!

Hi Friends! Happy weekend:) The Hubs just got back from a work related event yesterday (gone for a week),so it’s been an exhausting week for me (kudos to all the single parent out there!) taking care of the kids/home. Thank God things went smoothly, just the normal everyday things like school, park, homeschool, cooking/feeding kids! Mia started her gymnastics class and she is loving every moment. Matthew is really adjusting great at his preschool too, no more tears when I dropped him at school! He seems to look forward to school now!HA

Daddy snapping a pic of his plane ride.
A gift from daddy’s trip!
No more tears and whining from Matthew!
A little homeschool in the car!
Silliness at Target!

Panera Bread Lunch
Enjoying the nice weather outside
First day of Fall! Starbucks trip to enjoy Pumpkin Spice Latte
Making Pizza
Kimchi Stew for me,while kids enjoying Pizza!
Lots of Park time this week!
Pizza Treat after picking up Matthew from School
Gymnastics class
Charcuterie for one,as I wait for Hubs to get home:)

I’m looking forward to slower days this week! Have a great night friends. Take Care:)

Swimming with Friends!

We had a wonderful time swimming with friends today. Mia had a blast hanging out with her little BFF! They swam and played in the water. We are experiencing smoke around our area because of the fires in surrounding areas (since couple of days ago). This morning wasn’t that bad at all while we were at the beach. The rest of the afternoon was spent napping and relaxing. We’ve had busy weekends this summer,so it was a nice change for sure.

My sis who was spending summer with us, went back to the East coast last night. Before going to the airport, we had a nice yummy Dim sum/dinner of Siomai,pork buns, Lechon kawali (Filipino Crispy fried pork belly). We miss our family, we pray that we will get to see them these coming holidays!

Matthew had fun watching real airplanes!HA

Have a wonderful Saturday night friends! Enjoy the rest of the weekends. Stay safe!

Busy end of Summer!

Hi Friends! Been a while since I posted here, it’s been a busy last few weeks with us. Hubs was away for a long weekend weeks ago to visit friends in Idaho (he’s back now). Mia and I started our homeschooling 3 weeks ago, so far we are doing great. Matthew started his preschool (4 days a week). Dropping him at school is hard but he’s fine once he is with his other friends. We also celebrated his 3rd Birthday last week. It was a simple celebration with family! Time flies so fast, he is such a miracle. 3 years ago, we started our 3 months NICU journey at Seattle Swedish Hospital and now he’s going to preschool! Praise the Lord!

He’s loving anything Dinosaur right now, so I got some Dino Party decors for his birthday theme. We got the cake from Metropolitan Market.

Hubs smoked ribs and we got some side dishes from Met Market also.

Opening Gifts
We had Korean food for his actual bday dinner!

First day of school pics!

We will do homeschool, co-op,online class, gymnastics classes this year!
Park time!

Have a great Wednesday Friends! Take care:)