Daniel’s Broiler!

Hi friends! We had a lovely dinner at Daniels Broiler earlier because Hubs got a gift card from his workplace many years ago. I really wanted to use it before we forgot that we had a gift card!HA. We’ve been to their Seattle restaurant before, so we wanted to try their Bellevue location. Mia joined us because we wanted her to see a “nicer/fancy” restaurant and she loved every minute of the experience! It was so special:) We enjoyed the experience, service was quick and very accommodating. Steaks were very good! Sis and I shared a Tomahawk Rib eye, Hubs got his usual Ribeye too! Mia had Fish and chips. We all loved their Filet Mignon Steak bites (we had it as an appetizer). We shared a very decadent chocolate cake for dessert.

My pretty girl loved the filet mignon steak bites!ha
wedge salad
lobster bisque
Ribeye and mashed potatoes
crispy brussels sprouts
chocolate cake

Summer Cooking: Crabs

Hi friends! Happy Friday! This summer my family had really indulged in Dungeness Crabs. We have a local seafood market in our area where we get fat crabs! It’s pricey but for the amount of crabs we get, and when we compare it to eating out/crab restaurants it’s worth it to us to buy it from our local market. I do all the cracking and getting the meat out! I don’t mind it at all:) We did a couple of crab dishes like crab fried rice, crab rangoon, crab dip, crab rolls,sushi,crabs with noodles! We did this over a 3 day period. HA! Just like any other seafood, you have to eat it ASAP to enjoy the freshness. They go bad quickly.

Crab Fried rice
Crab Dip
Crab Rangoon
Crabs ready for the Rolls!

Hubs made rolls and it was so perfect with the crab meat.

To much crab meat you think?!HA

Hubs made us sushi crab roll. We love crab rolls, we normally pay extra just for real crab meat when we go out to sushi restaurants.

This is a filipino dish called “crab sotanghon”. Rice vermicelli with crabs and herbs. In the Philippines, we normally use chicken meat when we make this dish.

Have a great Friday friends. My mouth is watering as I look at these pictures again. HA!

Take Care!

Summer 2022!

Hi Friends! How’s your summer going? I’ve finally been able to get in here and share what I’ve been up to. My family visited us and we got to have some special family time. We didn’t travel outside WA and visited local cities. Lots of lake time and enjoying the waters. WA is such a beautiful place during summer time. We had a heat wave a little while back too, not a fan of that! HA. Mia had VBS at her old preschool and she had fun, especially seeing her preschool friends.

Family walk around the neighborhood
Summer camp!

We celebrated my sister’s birthday, we had brunch and a home cooked dinner for her. It was scrumptious!

Steaks and King crab legs!
Happy Birthday Ate!
Fish and Chips
Poulsbo, WA
Lake Wenatchee
My moms friends here in WA invited us for filipino lunch!YUM!
Mia and her friend swimming at Lake Sammamish
Starbucks break at Edmonds,WA
Lobster roll (lunch at Edmonds,WA)
Ferry Ride on our way to Bainbridge Island

I hope you are having a great Friday friends!:) Take Care!