Honolulu Zoo!

Hi Friends! How’s your week going? We had our normal Wednesday schedule! Mia had playdate in our neighborhood, My MIL picked her up for a lunch / play date. We had dinner with them after.

I wanted to post about our visit to Honolulu Zoo (last Oct. 2018).  We wanted to have a little break from the beach, and visit the Zoo for Mia (she likes animals). The Zoo is small compared to the San Diego Zoo, but decent enough.  We were kinda disappointed that they didn’t have the Hippos when we were there (hubs fave animals). We loved that it was not crowded when we visited, but it sure was hot though! UGH! My favorite animals were the Giraffes and the tigers because we got to see them pretty close up.

After spending time at the Zoo my Bro In law and sis picked us up to have lunch together. We ate at Highway Inn, it was good if you’re into local Hawaiian favorites!


Hi friends! I love this place:) After a long day of doing touristy things at Spitting Cave and swimming at Waikiki beach, Ichiriki was the perfect place to end the day. I’ve never been to a hot pot type of place, even though I’ve seen this type of resto around the Seattle area. I’m so glad my sis and bro In-law suggested this place because I really enjoyed this type of dining. Casual and relaxed and good food! Delicious and filling:) I highly recommend going to Ichiriki if ever you’re in Honolulu ( we went to the Ala Moana restaurant).

attempting to watch the sunset at Waikiki
Waikiki Beach

Spitting Cave

Back From Our Vacay!

Hello Friends! We just got back from our 12 day Hawaiian Vacation! Nothing beats a tropical vacation with family. Pure Paradise! This was Mia’s 2nd birthday celebration, we skipped a children’s party this year. We had a little brunch celebration with my In-laws the day before we left though . She got lots of birthday gifts from our Hawaii family too. Thanks to our families for their generosity. I’m so proud of my MiaBoo for being a good girl on our 6 hour flight (Seattle to Honolulu). A couple of passengers on the flight mentioned it too. Way to go Boo:)

Thanks to our Hawaii family, especially my Sis and Bro In-law for taking the time to be with us. Lots of beach time and food tripping! I will surely post more of it in the coming days. For now, I hope you enjoy some of the pics that Hubs took! He got a new phone so he’s been playing with his new gadget. Off to do some laundry folks! HA! Have a great weekend:)

Thank you Boo for being a good traveler!
Hello Sunshine!
Lunch at Shirokiya Japan Village walk!
Thanks Uncle Chad for this dessert!

Gotta have Giovannis!

Turtle Beach!

The best shaved ice in HI!
Dinner at Side street with our Hawaii Family!

Give me all the Poke! Fresh Catch has the best Poke selection.
Halona Blowhole!

Hawaiian Sunset! 

With the whole gang! Dinner at Roy’s Hawaii (last night before everybody leaves)

Weekend Fun:Desert Aire

Hello Friends! We had a little road trip we took this past weekend at Desert Aire, WA! It’s a 2 hour drive from our place. It’s a small town  with a pretty view of the mountains and the Columbia River. We had fun together with our friends swimming, playing card games and just hanging out/catching up. Mia loved their community pool because they have a kids section that’s just perfect for her size! Thanks to Auntie Juju for taking care of Riley and the house this weekend:)

As usual we over packed again!

somebody got bored!HA her face:)
Mirror to the rescue!

Photo credit: our friend Lena! Thanks Lena:)

saturday morning breakfast!

The Plaza!

Hi Friends! Hope you’re having a great Saturday. The hubs and babies (Mia and Riley) are napping, so I got a little free time to post our NYC adventure! My sis was very generous in treating us to a dinner at The Palm Court (Plaza Hotel).  Originally we wanted their afternoon tea but they were fully booked  so we opted for dinner. Before our reservation we made sure we had enough time to walk around Central Park and enjoy the scenery.

Took picture of the hotel lobby and their Christmas tree! So pretty, I love it!

The Palm Court is such an elegant restaurant! The interior (from the ceiling to the table) is beautiful. The service was quick and good but the food was disappointing for us! Not impressed with our orders, especially my roast Chicken (a simple dish in my opinion) and I found it quite DRY! I was like, “What in the world is going on in their kitchen?!HAHA! How can a prominent Hotel fail a chicken dish?!” My hubs and Sis found their dishes ordinary too. She had bolognese (the flavor was good though) and hubs had duck which he found dry too! Anyways, it was still neat to see the hotel!

Ahi Tuna Tartare!
The most expensive Root beer float ever!haha
Seared Duck Breast!
Rigatoni Bolognese
Lemon Herbed half roasted chicken!

After dinner we walked around Fifth Avenue and enjoyed the Christmas decorations/lights show. We also stopped at the Rockefeller Area, the tree was beautiful! What a fun and exhausting day:)

Thank You Auntie for treating us to The Plaza!

I love Henri Bendel! Fun fact: I own several bags of HB!

Burger and Lobster!

Hello friends! Our first dinner in NYC was Burger and Lobster! Thank you to my sis for bringing us there. We really enjoyed our dinner! The place was  spacious, and the ambiance was great. I ordered the lobster and burger combo so I could share with Mia (the burger was OK! nothing special to be honest!). We all loved our lobster rolls (sis and hubs got the lobster too) and their lemon garlic butter was the BOMB! PERFECTION!


After dinner we checked out Barnes and Noble and got my sis our Christmas gift to her! We also stopped at Dough to try their doughnuts and they were amazing!




New York!

Hi friends! We just got back from NYC early Sunday morning, it was so much fun to see NYC during the holidays. This is our second time to see New York during Christmas time and it’s such a fun thing to experience. It was Mia’s first time on a plane, and I was a little nervous because you never know how a toddler will react (if she’s gonna have ear pressure issue, etc.) Thank the Lord that she did so well, she cried every now and then during the 5 hour trip (SEA to JFK) but no big deal, she did so good!

We stayed at my sisters cozy apartment (thank you dick for accommodating my little family), we watched 2 Broadway shows ( The Rocketts and Wicked), lots of eating, and checked touristy places like Rockefeller, Central Park, Times Square,etc).

It was such a fun week at one of the busiest cities in the world! I will try to blog more in the coming days (where we ate,etc). I loved all of the Christmas decorations especially the light displays at 5th avenue and Rockefeller Center (but the crowds were exhausting! HA! We surely expected things to be crazy so no surprise there!

Till Next time Big Apple!

Lots of things to bring when traveling with a toddler!

Gotta have a bagel when you’re in NYC!
so many selections!

Central Park
The Plaza lobby


With Sis and Aca! After watching The Rockettes, we wanted to try Halal food! It was good:)


Hi everyone! How are you all doing? We’re all doing great here, enjoying a nice summer week in the PNW (sunny all week!) and having a restful  August. We’ve had such a busy July. I’m posting about our trip to Leavenworth last month when my sister visited us. We all love this little Bavarian town (2 hours drive from our house).  It’s such a darling place to spend the day. Fun shops, good food and cozy ambiance is what I always associate with Leavenworth.

We had lunch at the famous Munchen Haus! As always the line was long, but their service is always quick so no worries there. We enjoyed some brats( I had the Jalapeno and Cheddar sausage! YUM!!), pretzels (according to Hubs he prefers Auntie Annies! HA!) and fresh squeezed lemonade. Aside from the food and the atmosphere, I really loved that they are pet friendly, so it was no problem having Riley with us.

Till next time Leavenworth!

Hubs and SIs and Riley At Smallwood’s Harvest!


Sis and I (my 6 months baby bump),Riley




















Vancouver Eats!

Hello friends! This post is a continuation of our Vancouver trip. We had a quick getaway so we weren’t able to dine at some of the restaurants we wanted to try (poor planning on our part too).

Our first night we had dinner at Lupo Restaurant (it’s an Italian resto) and just walking distance from our hotel (so convenient for us). According to our research it’s one of the top 5 places to dine in Vancouver. So off we went! We ordered Burrata and it was amazing! So creamy and out of this world goodness. We loved it so much that we asked our waitress where they get it (so we can go to that store and hoard burrata for ourselves), she said they get it from a supplier which gets it directly from Italy! It crushed our burrata dreams! We ordered ravioli and gnocchi (for the hubs) it was good food but pricey!

Burrata with fresh tomatoes and balsamic glaze.
Ricotta Gnocchi with pork cheeks (this sauce was pretty acidic)
Mascarpone Polenta
This was their special that night, ravioli with short ribs!


ambiance was cozy, feels like you’re having dinner at a friends house!


Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

We had brunch in this small waffle place located at Robson Street. We kinda get lucky because the line wasn’t crazy when we got there, once we were seated the line got really crazy! If you’re in to waffles this place is a must! Just be ready to wait and be patient because this place is amazing and people line up.


I had the Banella waffle 
Brie Cheese waffle with walnuts and honey!

Cafe Crepes

The Hubs and I also wanted to eat some crepes before checking out Gastown. The crepes are tasty here, but the service took forever. I don’t understand why, it’s not like they’re serving steaks or complicated dishes. Good thing the crepes were really good!


We also visited a Japanese restaurant that I honestly forgot the name of:



Had Ramen one late night!


Tried Vancouver’s best cheesecake:


the famous Soft Peaks at Gastown!
I kinda agree that this is one of the best cheesecake I’ve had!

Footo Croissant and Tim Hortons before coming home!


Till Next time Vancouver!

Vancouver, Canada!

Hi friends! It’s been a while since my last post, got a little busy here and did a little get away with the Hubs to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Two weeks ago, we spent 4 days in Vancouver, Canada. It’s just 3 hours drive from our place (plus more depending on the traffic). We’ve been to Vancouver a couple of times before.  We really like the city.  It reminds us of Seattle, but a lot bigger. We mostly relaxed and did a few “touristy” things like visited Gas town, Stanley Park and window shopping at Robson St. We stayed at Rosedale on Robson.  We really liked the location because it’s so accessible to downtown Vancouver. Till Next time Vancouver!

we had a mini kitchen!


The famous Steam Clock at Gas town!



Stanley Park


Forgot the name of the place, but this is where their soccer games are held!


Gotta have Tim Hortons when you’re in Canada!