Keeping Meals Simple!

Hi Friends! Happy Thursday and last day of March:) I’ve been happy with my meal planning and preparations lately because I truly kept it simple and did not make a big deal out of it lately. I try to cook from scratch most of the time and enjoy takeout/eat out at least once or twice a week. I also double (the portion) of what I cook so we can have left overs too. I don’t do elaborate meals because with young kids I just don’t have the desire and energy to do that:) I do get ready to eat/frozen meals from the store too (Hello Trader Joes frozen meals!) when I don’t want to cook and when it’s just me and the kids and Hubs has a busy day at work.

The kids are used to eating Filipino/America food so most of the time I don’t need to make separate meals for everybody. Our breakfasts are usually the same thing like eggs,toasts/bread,cereal,oatmeal. Lunches are leftovers,sandwiches,”snacky” food like cheese,meat,vegetables,fruits. So for dinner we have some kind of meat/seafood/pasta and roasted veggies and rice. I look online (foodnetwork website most of the time) for simple recipes and my cookbooks for inspirations.

Here are some of the dinners we’ve had these past weeks:

Roast salmon,roast broccoli and rice!EASY meal for the win!

I made this Taiwanese Beef Noodle dish this month, and it was tasty:)

One of my fave filipino dishes is Kare-Kare (Oxtail stew in peanut sauce). The kids don’t eat this so they had meatballs and pasta when Hubs and I devoured this!HA

Roast broccoli/broccolini and chicken curry
Tacos for an easy weekday dinner
Kimchi Pork ribs stew!
Corned Beef Hash
Easy Pasta dinner, Ina Garten recipe
Linguine with Shrimp scampi
Another easy dinner! Steak and roast broccolini (we had rice too)
Potatoes and eggs that Matthew inhaled!HA

Happy cooking friends! Stay safe and Take Care:)

Baby Chicks and Ducks!

Hi Friends! One of our local farm stores had baby chicks and ducks in their store so we decided to bring the kids there because we thought they might like to see them, but NOPE they were not interested! HA. We ended up getting milkshakes at XXX after so the trip would not be a big waste. We liked the milkshake but we didn’t like the price tag of $15 for a large milkshake! I know everybody is talking about “INFLATION” but it is getting ridiculous. We got a sandwich earlier after church and it was $12 per sandwich!:/)

$15 blahhhh…

I asked the Hubs to bake Pandesal (Filipino bread roll)for us and it’s so good! Perfect with butter or cheese paired with coffee. Reminds me so much of the Philippines.

Matthew and I have been going out for community walks this week. Spring is finally here because the flowers and trees are blooming all over!

My Big girl enjoying some park time this weekend!

Have a great rest of your weekend friends! Take care and stay safe:)

St. Patricks, Sushi, weekend fun!

Hi friends! Happy Sunday:) We had a nice weekend with the In-laws celebrating St. Patricks day and totally enjoying corned beef and cabbage! My DIL prepared most of the meal. Growing up in the Philippines, we normally don’t eat “fresh” corned beef, always in a can!HA.. both are my fave though!

Mia and I had a mommy/daughter time yesterday and we decided to go grocery shopping together! She loves shopping and it’s so fun to listen to her stories,we had Starbucks after (the price of their cake pops are shocking to me!HA). She wanted to get this unicorn headband but I told her she can as long as she pays for it using her savings, she quickly changed her mind!LOL.

Hubs and I had a little lunch date last week (thanks to my In-laws who offered to watch the kids), we decided to eat at our local sushi place and get coffee after!

my fave!

The kids had fun at the park this week. Mia is so good with the monkey bars now and she loves showing off to us that she can do it “without Daddy’s help”. She’s growing so fast.

I’m still going strong with my “no/low spend month” for myself! A lot of temptations for sure but so far I’m winning! I did shop for the kids and got them basic clothes like onesies for Matthew. He has eczema so I always put him in onesies to prevent him from scratching his belly / legs. It’s getting better but he has flares up still.

Have a great night friends! Going to relax with the family and watch a movie:)

Take care and stay safe!

Hello March!

Hi Friends! It’s been a while since I posted here, with what’s going on around the world I just didn’t feel like sharing what I normally share here. It feels so small compared to what other families are experiencing. I also had doctor and dental visits this past week,thus I just wanted to rest and minimize my time online.

My little family is doing great! Mia had fun celebrating Dr. Seuss this week at her school. She had fun participating, especially in Wacky Wednesday and silly socks day! We had a couple of nice sunny days too, so we’ve been going to parks and the kids love using their scooters.

I’m still doing great with my Low spend month/year. February was good, no unnecessary shopping. This month, Hubs will be buying new sneakers and I’m thinking of getting new exercise clothes because Hubs and I are trying to get back to exercising and proper clothes that support will make a difference when one is active/moving.

This picture is such an encouragement to me when I feel like the world is going crazy and so out of control!

One snowy February day!

Wacky Wednesday at school!

My buddy and I waiting for sister at school!

One of my kids favorite Filipino food! Chicken Adobo:)

I cooked braised short ribs!

Poke and seaweed salad from Costco

We continue to stock our pantry and freezer (we increased our budget) because with prices increasing and shortages, it’s convenient to not go to the grocery all the time.

Some of the meat we got last February!

Have a wonderful Friday night friends! Hubs and I are going to relax and watch Netflix (watching Korean shows tonight). Stay safe and Take care:)