Edmonds and Kachess Lake!

Hi Friends! We had a busy weekend visiting two places with my little fam and sister. We try to visit Edmonds,Washington every summer (it’s 50 min drive from our place plus traffic). We checked their farmers market, ate lobster rolls at one of the restaurants called MARKET, then walked around the beach park and watched the ferry. The kids played in the beach (Daddy too!). We got cookies and donuts at Edmonds Bakery to take home with us. It was a nice day! We really love their lobster rolls, and crab in a bag (fried soft shell crab)! I paired my roll with iced coffee!HA

Yesterday, we went to Kachess Lake again! We went there last month. I wanted to bring my sister to one of my fave Lakes that’s close to our place (another 50 mins drive). Enjoyed nature and swam in the cold lake!HA. The Lake was empty not sure why, people are probably staying indoors and avoiding the smoke ( we have fires around the area). The air quality yesterday was not bad at all! We enjoyed the warm breeze while we were there.

my little family

I hope you had a great and restful weekend friends! This is the last week of summer for us. Matthew will be back to school later this week and Mia will start homeschool.

I’m back to decluttering and simplifying the house.

Have a wonderful week! Stay safe:)

Back from HI!

Hello Friends! We are finally back home after our Hawaii Vacation. We were supposed to be there for just 10 days but we (kids and I got sick) on the day of our travel back home, so we decided to just extend for another 6 days. It was such a great time because my sisters were also there. It was a mini reunion for my sisters and I. Thanks to my sister and Bro in law for hosting and taking care of us. We spent the majority of our stay at Sheraton Waikiki and couple of days at my sister’s house. LOVE our room view of Diamond Head and Waikiki beach.

Thank God that the kids did well on our plane ride. I was anxious about Matthew, he did get antsy on our way there but all in all he did good. I made sure that both their iPads have kids shows that they like. Lots of snacks and little toys to keep them entertained. Hubs got some cheap toys at the Dollar store the day before we traveled.

We can’t wait to visit again! HI is always a fun place for us with their white, sandy beaches and sunny warm days! Till next time HI:)