Great Wolf Lodge!

Hi Friends, this weekend we visited Great Wolf Lodge here in our state. It was part of the kids Christmas gifts. We got a decent price so we decided to take it, especially since Mia has been asking when are we visiting the water park again! So we surprised the kids and they were really excited! We’ve been here before so we kinda knew what to expect, etc. We didn’t like the restaurant food before so for dinner we tried a restaurant near the resort (Burger Claim, food was great!).

Mia enjoyed the big rides so much and Matthew wanted to try it but due to the height limit, we will have to wait until he is taller!HA! We visited the arcade and get to check out some of their games.

We stopped by Dutch Bros before we headed home!We really like their coffees and the super friendly baristas but this time, they messed up Hubs drink! Oh well! We still love Dutch Bros though!

Jollibee (a Filipino fastfood) had a 2nd location 45 minutes from Great Wolf Lodge, so we stopped by for a late lunch! My kids love their spaghetti and chicken joy! The Hubs does not like Jollibee at all! He ordered another dish at the nearby Hawaiian restaurant. HA

Have a great night friends! STay safe and Take Care:)

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