Weekend Fun – Birds & Chipmunks!

Hi Friends! We had a wonderful St. Patricks dinner with family, a visit to the beach park (it was a gorgeous spring day/weekend). Dad In law prepared Corned beef and we had roasted vegetables and cabbage on the side.

It was a glorious Saturday at the Beach Park, traffic was so bad though and parking was full (Thank God we found a spot quickly after making a couple loops in the parking lot). The kids played on the playground and got their feet wet. The water is still quite cold!HA

It’s been a week since a Bird had been knocking on our windows, so we decided to get some bird feeds and Hubs and Mia built a Bird house made of a milk box! But a chipmunk has been visiting and eating most of the food for the last couple of days! The kids have been enjoying watching this whole situation unfold.

We went to Costco last Friday evening, and we got sushi for dinner. The cali-roll was a little dry and kinda disappointing. It was still a good price for what we got though!

We are off to a playdate at the park with friends this afternoon! Talk later friends. Stay safe:)

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