Hello friends! How was your June?! I’ve been missing in action here because June was physically and mentally exhausting to me. We’ve had doctors, dental, dermatologist appointments for both Hubs and I, plus Hubs had to go to Texas for work and I had to play single mom with the kids:) Thankful to my In laws because they did help me when Hubs was away.

We had a great Father’s Day celebration at home. Hubs gifted my DIL A5 Hokkaido Wagyu ribeye steak from Japan. It was expensive but Hubs wanted to treat DIL and Fathers day happens once a year! We enjoyed it but majority of the family preferred the normal ribeye steaks!

Hubs convinced me to travel one hour to try the “best fish sauce chicken wings” in our state!HA! Tiktok influencer made us do it. It was great so we are happy it was worth the two hour trip. Spontaneous road trip for some chicken wings is fun:)

My In laws offered to be with the kids a couple of times so we got to have some lunch dates and we got to try restaurants that we’ve always wanted to visit.

We’ve been to the beach a couple of times and the kids had fun playing in the sand! We are 20 minutes away from a state park/beach so we try to go when the weather is nice.

Visited the farmers market two weekends in a row! I love the farmers market but goodness it’s so pricey. A popsicle is like $6 (of course the kids want it every time), a small pastry is $8! Oh boy!

Mia is really into legos, I got her this roller skate this week!

Mia was craving ramen despite the summer weather!HA ..

Play dough morning!

Hubs planted these flowers last year (clearance from Home depot) and they are finally blooming!SO pretty

Another beach day!

That’s mostly our June friends! We plan to go to the beach this July and just enjoy the weather outside.

Have a great rest of your night friends. Happy 4th of July tomorrow!

Take Care and Stay Safe:)

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