Cooking at Home!

Hubs and I have been cooking this month at home. Nothing fancy, but just dishes that we liked and something that we can do together aside from watching K-dramas! HA. He finally tried making donuts from scratch and thank goodness it was YUMMY. It’s discouraging when you cook something and the recipe is a big fail.

Chicken wings. We normally get wings from Costco and lately we are not happy with the quality! So tiny!
Oxtail with peanut sauce! I added crispy pork belly
Beef *chuck in spicy tomato sauce
chicken and mushroom pasta
One of my fall favorites! Short ribs in red wine. So Decadent!
The kids fave fish! Grilled to perfection – Pompano.
Pompano fish and mackerel
Gruyere chive Popovers! We always have this Christmas morning, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat them year round!
Crispy beef orange (we added shrimp too)
simple chili nachos (but I used potatoes)
grilled pork belly
Beef tenderloin with garlic,butter,soysauce,pepper and a little oyster sauce! Kids fave:)
We grilled fish again and invited my In laws!
no decent pics of Hubs donuts!
Hubs got me some blue crabs! He’s not a big fan of these tiny crabs! HA
Crabs and shrimps in coconut milk with beans and squash

We don’t cook every night! We do eat leftovers a lot and the usual takeout/drive through/frozen store brought meals to give us a break. Looking forward to next months cooking adventures!

Have a great night friends! Stay safe:)

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