Ocean Shores

Hello Friends! We just got back from our annual Ocean Shores vacation yesterday! We arrived Thursday afternoon and got back Sunday afternoon. I’m so tired!HA. Traveling and Packing when you have kids to consider can be a lot of work. This time I did keep things simple like their clothes (rental had a washer/dryer) and we didn’t pack a lot of snacks.

We had fun and lots of family time together with my In laws. The kids loved being at the ocean and playing in the sand, flying a kite and eating junky food like s’mores and ice cream! Hubs and DIL did puzzles together. The weather was great (only rained one time). I just love the smell of the ocean and feeling the breeze ! Till next time Ocean Shores:)

Mia loved seeing the deer so close to us!
He loves halibut:)
Ice cream time

We ordered Chinese food when we got home because we’re so tired and I missed eating rice since I didn’t bring my rice cooker this Ocean trip! I missed it so much.HA

Have a great Monday and stay safe friends! Take Care:)

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