Slow Friday!

Thank God It’s Friday! I had such a long day yesterday, so today I’m going to take things slow. I had my dental appointment, picking up Mia at school, did a grocery trip, plus the usual things of cooking and taking care of the kids! All good stuff:)

I got to my dentist 10 minutes early so I had time to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves around the neighborhood. I love this time of year, so pretty! Growing up in the Philippines, we don’t really have seasons, so I really do appreciate experiencing all 4 seasons here in the US!

Picking up Mia here, she loves saying bye to her friends!

Every Thursday after school, it’s a tradition for us to get her a little treat and she almost always picks a Happy meal or Starbucks cake pop! Yesterday, she picked a cake pop. I needed to get some groceries so we stopped at our local grocery store where we have a Starbucks inside the store. I still noticed some empty shelves (although not as bad to other parts of the country). I’m still stocking up and adding to our pantry.

Treated myself with grocery sushi, it’s not so bad! I’m always careful with sushi at the grocery stores but so far I’ve had it twice and I didn’t get sick!HA

I got pink roses too! I had a long day so I figured roses would make it more lovely:)

I decided to try Misfit market and my order finally arrived yesterday. I’m not sure if this is all worth it(price wise), but we are happy with the veggies and fruits so far (aside from the celery that looks so tired!HA). Kids devoured the grapes last night (so juicy).

I dehydrated cherry tomatoes and made chicken stock this week.

I grilled pork belly and roast broccoli for dinner last night. Kids and I enjoyed it, Hubs had a long night from work/meeting. He had something else!

Enjoying my coffee this morning with this view from our dining table. So pretty!

Have a great Friday Friends and Take Care! 🙂

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